Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Random Thoughts

At my feeder today:  Cardinals, blue jays, pine siskins, goldfinch, nuthatches, chickadees, grackles, sparrows, and mourning doves.

One unusual thing I did:  went with Shaun, Kier and three of my grandsons, to Chuck E. Cheese.  Lots of pictures are on my Facebook page.

What's Cooking?:  Hoppin' John over Rice; pizza @ Chuck E. Cheese,  Chocolate Satan Pie from the Freezer

Off the bookshelf:  Vince Flynn's 'Kill Shot'

Planning:  365 Project- not sure what form this will take, but at the least, a photo a day!
                One Word Project! : again not sure what I will do with this but my word is "UNUSUAL" "BREATHE"
                 (1st step- explain the story behind my word!)

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