Monday, January 26, 2015

Feelings of Wonder

My religion is nature. 

That's what arouses those feelings 
of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me. 
-Oliver Sacks

                                  Photo taken at Lake Ethel, Derry, Westmoreland County, PA last week.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Wow, sometimes, life just slaps you upside the head! Usually just when things are looking up, along comes reality and down you go again.
Shaun had said that his back hurt a little over Christmas/New Years.  Well, Sunday, he went to the ER to get checked and ended up being sent to UPMC.  His body is rejecting the kidney.  They are trying some treatments to stop the rejection and only time will tell.  It may be a month before we know if it is stopped and how much damage has been done.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Did a little bird watching today! (Latrobe Reservoir, Pond on Monastery Drive at St. Vincent's)

First bird list of the year:
1. Hairy Woodpecker
2. Northern Cardinal
3. Blue Jay
4. Black Capped Chickadee
5. White-breasted Nuthatch
6. Tufted Titmouse
7. Dark eyed Junco
8. House sparrow
9. White Throated Sparrow
10. Mourning Dove
11. American Crow
12. European Starling
13. Canada Goose
14. American Coot

15. Mute Swans
16. Mallard
17. Common Loon
18. Red Tailed Hawk
19. Great Blue Heron
20. Song Sparrow
21 Muscovy Duck- Pierre

Saturday, February 16, 2013

                                          2013 01 28 Ice Sculptures on the Diamond at night

                                            2013 02 04 Speak no evil, See no evil, hear no evil!

2013 02 04 Swan at Derry Lake

                                              2013 02 05 View from the Dentist's Chair

                                             2013 02 11 Payless Made Good

                                               2013 02 13 am on my way to work!

                                                            2013 02 13 Driving home from work

                                                                      2013 02 14
                                                          2013 01 15 Tres Leches Cake

                                                                    2013 01 17 Icy Car

                                                                          2013 01 16

                                                                     2013 01 16 2

                                                               2013 01 18 Ice Water

                                                             2013 01 20 When Pigs fly
                                                                  2013 01 22 New Hairdo   

2013 01 21 

2013 01 
                                   2013 01 14 Chicken, Angel Hair Pasta and brown butter cauliflower

                                                             2013 01 24 Dinner time

    2013 01 25 Visitor at my Window 

                                                                     2013 01 26

My Photo Book Feb 09 2013

Shutterfly offers exclusive layouts and designs so you can make your book just the way you want.

I had a Groupon coupon for a free Shutterfly book and used it and some other discounts to get a $100 book for just over $50.  I put all my nature photos from this year together with some of my favorite quotes and sent it in.  Thursday, I checked the tracking status and Fedex stated that it had been delivered to my front porch.  Out in the dark, flashlight in hand, I searched front and back unsuccessfully!
So on Friday, I contacted Fedex and the driver showed up today with book in hand! - He had left it on the front porch of my neighbor. (Who, like me, doesn't use the front door because we both park in the back!) So excited and love the book!  

Post Valentine's Day Thoughts

Click here for Best advice ever!  Michelle Connolly gives the following advice for better relationships- not romantic ones but all the different kinds of relationships in your life! Click on the link and visit her site for more on this subject!

20 Ideas For Better Relationships
  1. Spend more time with the people who matter most.
  2. Let go of grudges.
  3. Do something every day for someone else.
  4. Speak your truth with kindness.
  5. Don’t put all your emotional eggs in one relationship basket.
  6. Know when to let people make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons.
  7. Don’t expect perfection – from yourself or others.
  8. Be a loyal friend.
  9. Listen with your ears and your heart.
  10. Let go of the need to be right.
  11. Think about what you’d miss if they weren’t around – and appreciate it now.
  12. Take responsibility for your own happiness.
  13. Accept that you can’t change anyone but yourself.
  14. Let yourself feel love how ever it’s expressed – whether with actions, what they say, or what they don’t say…
  15. Don’t expect others to do what you should do for yourself.
  16. Always be ready to offer a hug, a kind word, or a smile.
  17. Pick your battles and fight fair.
  18. Be quick to encourage and slow to criticize.
  19. Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
  20. Let your loved ones know you care.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catching up!

2013 01 07 Angry Bird cupcakes

2013 01 08  This hummingbird Christmas ornament may decorate my living room all year!

                                          2013 01 09 Pig Lamp I had to have it when I saw it 
                                          on ebay! It's old and the colors are almost worn out 
                                          but I love it!

                                                        2013 01 10  Sunrise this am

                                           2013 01 12 What a burger and fries should look like!

                                              2013 01 12 16 elk - can you see them?

2013 01 13 What a difference from yesterday!!